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Parish Mission

Many hands, means light work. Please consider volunteering for the Mission.

For this event: 

FREE Child Care Request… CLICK HERE

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What is a Parish Mission?

A Parish Mission is an opportunity to celebrate God’s abundant love. The Mission is a Catholic revival. It’s like an outpatient retreat. Rather than go to a spiritual renewal center or monastery, we stay at home and renew our faith through our parish faith community. The “mission” part of a Mission is that we are called not just to come ourselves, but to bring our friends and acquaintances, especially those who may have drifted from the church. “Go out to the whole world and tell the Good News.” Go out to your friends, and neighbors, touch their hearts with your grace and invite them.

Why should I attend?

Have questions? Have you found what you’ve been looking for? Are you a Catholic with questions? Or maybe you’re not Catholic, but you have a desire for a spiritual encounter. At times when our faith grows cold, when we have become too comfortable with sin, when we allow other voices to distract us from hearing God’s Word, and when we’ve let gadgets become our false gods- it’s then that we need to put everything else aside and focus on our faith.

What should I expect?

Come with an open heart every day beginning on Sunday, March 29, through April 02 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church. Our Sunday session is at 2pm, and Monday through Thursday we will have a morning session after the 8:15am Mass, and an evening session starting at 6:30pm; morning and evening sessions will be different. Bring a friend, family member, or neighbor – Catholic or not- to enjoy a wonderful time of prayer, preaching, reflection, music, and a joyful time. Refreshments will be served during the fellowship portion following each service.

Excuse Busters

I don’t have time…

Mission presentations only last slightly over an hour. Most people spend more time than that watching TV each night. Make time for at least one. You’ll be glad you did.

I don’t go to church, so this isn’t really for me…

Actually, this is just the thing for you. This is a chance to reinvigorate your faith… even if you just walk away with one small nugget of inspiration, your attendance will be worth it.

I can’t come every night…

That’s OK! Just come to whichever nights you can. You don’t HAVE to come to every night, but if you come Sunday, you’ll want to.

I’m not Catholic…

No problem! The Mission event is based on Catholic teachings, but it is open to all faiths for sure. Please do not let your denomination keep you from attending.

I/We have kids so I’d need to find a babysitter and that will get expensive…

Bring them! We will have free babysitting! Please visit https://setonscene.org/babysitting/ to reserve your spot. All children 10 and older are welcome to attend the Mission with their parents.

I’m so tired when I get home from work, I just don’t have the energy to attend…

Just come Sunday. Commit yourself to that one afternoon. Do it for yourself, your marriage, your family, your kids.

I don’t drive at night, don’t have transportation…

We’ll arrange for the Knights of Columbus to pick you up at home. Call 314.503.6612 to reserve Transportation. No charge!