Eucharistic Adoration

Jesus Waits for us in the Sacrament of Love

Pope John Paul II said, “The church and the world have a great need of Eucharistic Adoration. Jesus waits for us in this sacrament of Love. Let us be generous with our time in going to meet Him in adoration and in contemplation that is full of faith, and ready to make preparation for the great faults and crimes of the world.  May our adoration never cease.”

Jesus Himself points to the ways, the means, and the source of renewal when he says, “Come to Me” for “I will refresh you” (Mt. 11:38). Scripture says that he “cried out” when he said “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me. Let him drink who believes in Me.” Scripture has it “from within Him rivers of living waters shall flow. (John 7:37-39)

Come and experience that strength of grace.  Give Him thanks for blessings.  Ask Him for guidance on life’s path.  Talk through the problems and issues of life directly in front of Him.  Sit quietly and listen, sometimes God speaks from an unexpected person place or thing.

Drop-In visits are encouraged but a regularly “scheduled” hourly visit with Jesus is the most effective way to keep on the narrow path to Heaven.

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