Happy 4th week of Lent.
Just a reminder of the things offered at Seton during this Lenten Season:
> Mondays at 7pm in Church: Lenten Reflections with Wayne Burbach.
> Fr. Vordtriede’s presentation on Tuesdays is now COMPLETED.
> Thursdays at 6pm in Church: Sacrament of Reconciliation with Priests, followed by Vespers with Fr. Schumacher and a Holy Hour dedicated to a specific cause.
> Fridays at 7pm in Church: Stations of the Cross.
> Saturdays at 9am in the Memorare Room: Presentation of the Screwtape Letters with Fr. Schumacher [no, you do not need the book].

Again, these are just a few opportunities to make this Lenten Season a holy one and perhaps challenge us to dive deeper into a relationship with God.

Please continue to pray for perseverance; and know we are praying for you!