The Seton Regional Catholic School along with the Knights of Columbus are holding a blood drive in the parish hall on Sunday February 28th. Time: 9-1pm.
We need your support as a blood donor to help our school, and our community.
It cost you nothing to help except some of your time, and a pint of your blood.
Plus you will be given a nice T-shirt or gift card. But more than that, you are providing the gift of life to the ones that need it.
We need at least 20 donors for our school to receive a Life$aving grant.
The school receives $250.00 for 20 donors, and $1.00 for each pint of blood donated.
From the November blood drive the school received $279.00.
Please donate by going to: Use zip code 63303.
Thank you – Seton Regional Catholic School & KofC