Hospitality Ministers

Hospitality Ministers Guidelines (Ushers)

“When He was about to celebrate with his disciples the Passover meal in which he instituted the sacrifice of his Body and Blood, Christ the Lord gave instructions that a large, furnished upper room should be prepared. The Church has always regarded this command as applying also to herself when she gives directions about the preparation of people’s hearts and minds, and of the places, rites, and texts for the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist.” (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Preamble Par. 1)


Thank you for volunteering to be a Hospitality Minister (Usher). This is a very important role in our parish celebration of Mass here at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. The instructions given by Jesus are our instructions, too. It is quite likely that you will be the first and last ministers here at St. Elizabeth that our fellow parishioners will come in contact with when going to Mass. The following guidelines are a reminder to help you with the many duties this ministry entails so we may fulfill Jesus’ instructions.

When you arrive

  • Be at church 15 to 20 min. before Mass starts
  • Put on “Ministry Name” tag, this should be in the Ushers closet
  • Check that the doors are unlocked (at least one front door should be propped open)
  • Greet and assist people at both doors, main and chapel
  • Get 4 more Ushers for the “Collection,” a total of 8, 9 if needed for cry room
  • Check with Fr. or sacristan if “Reserved” seating needs to be set up
  • Check bulletin board and remind Fr. if a second collection is necessary
  • Make sure the Bulletins are in the closet and the boxes are open

 Just before, and first part, of the Mass

  • Help seat people till opening hymn is announced (One person in front at open pew, other in back with people)
  • Put out “Wait to be seated” sign after opening hymn ends (Seat people during the responsorial psalm and Gospel Alleluia)
  • Assist children for their “Children’s Liturgy of the Word,” (path is open to down stairs, no child is left behind)
  • Move “Offertory Table” and “Collection Basket” to Baptismal Font
  • Close outer front doors, leave one inner door open

Preparation of Altar

  • Get the other 4 or 5 Ushers and take up collection (ask sacristan to take up collection in cry room if 5 th Usher is unavailable, don’t forget that the pole collection baskets extend)
  • Take up second collection if necessary
  • Move “Gifts Table,” put in front of cry room glass wall
  • Give basket to “Gift Bearers,” or a “money counter” will take it to rectory (exchange money from basket to cloth bags in sacristy)


  • Dismiss pews for communion
  • Assist those with “difficulties” to communion (wheelchairs, lead Eucharistic Minister to person unable to come forward)

End of Mass

  • Open all doors in back of church (inside doors and outside doors, after closing prayer)
  • Get and Pass out Bulletins (one at chapel door, two standing at front doors)
  • After majority of people have left close outer doors
  • Patrol church (pick up trash, take down reserved seating signs, and check restrooms…)

General Information

If there are problems, Tell Father (toilets broken, damage to church,).  Be familiar with the Ushers closet and use it (hang up your coat, name tags,) Know where the sawdust is located for accidents.  The church key is in sacristy, in cabinet above sink, this also works for the utility closet Church Hall should be locked during Mass or after “children’s liturgy” Phone in sacristy, must push 8 for outside line, i.e. 8-911
Fist aid kit should be in Ushers closet and wheelchair by front doors
Dress appropriately, collared shirt and better than jeans if you can, jacket and tie is great
Check volume controls in sacristy and cry room
You only have to genuflect once when you get inside of church and once when you leave, bowing would be appropriate when you go up for collections and dismiss people for communion.

Once again, Thank You!!!
You do make a difference