Eucharistic Ministers

This ministry assists the Ordinary Ministers of Communion (Bishops, Priests and Deacons) to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ at daily and weekend Masses, Holy Days and special events. Persons who wish to become Eucharistic Ministers (Extra-Ordinary Ministers) should contact the rectory.  With the pastor’s approval, names are submitted to the Archdiocese. Training and commissioning will be coordinated upon final approval.


Eucharistic Ministers Responsibilities

  • You should arrive 10-15 minutes before your assigned Mass. If you are unable to attend the assigned Mass, it is your responsibility to get a substitute. When possible inform the Sacristan assigned to the Mass that you will no be there. Their names are listed weekly in the bulletin.
  • When you arrive at church, go to the sacristy and place a check next to your name on the bulletin hanging on the cork board. If you are substituting for someone, cross through their name and write our name or initials.
  • Please dress appropriately: no jeans, shorts, tee shirts, etc. Remember it is an honor to serve the Lord. He deserves our best. Distribution of the Eucharist should be in a reverent and orderly manner.
  • After the sign of peace, promptly proceed to the right or left side of the altar and remain there until the priest communicates himself. Do not stand in the center or go to the step behind the priest until after he has received communion. Once he has communicated himself, proceed to the step behind the altar.
  • Once you have received communion and have been given the cup or host for distribution, proceed to a position for distribution to the congregation. If you are on the right side of the altar be sure the servers have been offered both species then proceed to distribution of the congregation. You offer the consecrated bread say “The Body of Christ” and the wine say “The Blood of Christ.” There are to be no substitutions to what is said. At the 5 PM, 8 & 10 AM masses there will be 6 cups. Two ministers distributing the wine are to be on the outsides isles for distribution. When the cup in the center isle is empty, one person from the outside should then move to the center isle until distribution is completed or the cup is empty. If there is a large amount of wine remaining ask those waiting to receive to consume a larger sip. When distribution is completed and there is a large amount to be consumed and you are unable to consume what remains, ask other ministers to assist you.
  • When the distribution to the congregation is completed or when the cup is empty, proceed to the sides of the altar to purify the cup. First consume all remaining wine from the cup (use the water in the cruet on the table). Fold the purificator and set on the table in front of the cup. Do not put it in the cup. Please wait until communion distribution is completed the return to your seat. If you cross in front of the altar only, stop, bow then proceed to your seat. This is a bow and not just a nod of your head. No bow is necessary if you are returning to your seat on the sides of the church.

The amount of hosts and cups for each Mass:


Saturday: Sunday:
5:00 pm 6:30 am 8:00 am 10:00 am 12:00 pm
4 hosts 3 hosts 4 hosts 4 hosts 4 hosts
6 cups 4 cups 6 cups 6 cups 4 cups


If a host would drop to the floor, you should pick it up, place it in your hand under the ciboria until distribution is completed. Then take the host to the sacristy, put it in the small metal container on the counter and cover it with water. Let it set until it dissolves. Inform the sacristan and she will properly dispose of the host by pouring it in the sacrarium. If wine is spilled, step in front of the spill until distribution is completed. Then cover the spill with the purificator. After mass, absorb as much of the spill as possible with purificators by dabbing the area. Then dab with water. Notify the sacristan and she will take care of the purficators.