Altar Society

The responsibility of the Altar Society is to make the church,  chapel, cry room and vestibules presentable for the weekend. This is usually done on Saturday morning after the 8:15 Mass. It takes about 1-½ to 2 hours, depending on how many people we have helping


CANDLES:  Replace any burned out votive candles in church & chapel.

CERAMIC FLOOR: Use dust mop on aisles if needed. Use a wet cloth and/or Mr. Clean. Magic Eraser on spots. If you feel like the floor needs to be mopped. ONLY use 1 capful of ZYFO from the jug to a bucket of water. SUPPLIES are in the janitors closet.

CARPETS: Confessionals, sacristy, cry room, chapel & entrance to chapel should be vacuumed as needed.

CHAPEL: Straighten the books & dust the stations of the cross & where it is needed.

DUST:  Dust the confessionals, organ, stations, statues etc.

WINDOWS:   Clean windows on doors & cry room. (cleaner is in the Janitors closet.)

HOLY WATER: Empty font in vestibule of chapel in the gathering room. (Covered sink in the sacristy,)
Wash font & replenish with Holy Water. Replenish water in container if water is low. Notify the priests before or after filling with water so that they can bless the water. (You will find an empty milk jug under the sink to use to carry water to the Holy Water font outside of chapel. (This is usually done by Rita Sparrow.)

BAPISMAL FONT: Marble is to be cleaned with the marble polisher.

PEWS: Straighten the books & gather the trash left in pews every week.

First week use Lemon oil on the pews on the far LEFT

Second week: Lemon oil on the pews center LEFT

Third week: Lemon oil on the pews center RIGHT

Fourth week: Lemon oil on the pews far RIGHT (This is done once or twice a year.)

PLANTS:  If flowers on the altar are wilted, remove them & dispose of them in the dumpster. If some of the flowers are still nice we usually find a vase and put them in the chapel.

SANCTUARY: Dust with a dry cloth. Dust mop floor with dry mop. Vacuum the throw rug.The rug should be close to the altar, use grout line as a guide. Also, it should be even on both sides of the altar.  Hair pick is used to straighten (comb through) the fringe.

VESTIBULE: Dust and straighten shelves and counters. Dust statue. Remove any out dated material. Vacuum as needed.

SACRISTY: Dust & vacuum.

On the first Saturday of the month the Rosary will be said in church. PLEASE do not start cleaning until the Rosary is completed. All other Saturdays, Rosary is said in the chapel. Please call people on your list and see if they will continue to clean next year. If you have anyone to add or delete from the list, please let me know.

If you can’t clean on your scheduled month to help, please contact someone on the sub list, Natalie Helfer 636-926-8274 or me.

Thank you for your support and dedication.

-Margie Stratman

Cell: 636-578-3448
Home: 636-441-3117

Sub List

Rita Sparrow 636-949-9924
Joyce Kamp 636-928-7141
Jeanne Kellen 636-447-5341
Michelle and Angela Jenkins 626-949-2792
Agnes Nischbach 636-949-1099
Sue Iffrig  636-949-6569
Kay Otten 636-255-0966
Kim Vahle 636-485-1954
Loretta Kelly  636-946-6980 (Friday Only)