Divorce Ministry

The goal of the Divorce Ministry is to provide individual and group support and recovery resources to those experiencing the pain of separation or divorce.  Surviving Divorce:  Hope and Healing for the Catholic family is a DVD-based program featuring Catholic experts including Christopher West, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Rose Sweet, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Fr. Don Calloway, and Fr. Steve Porter; as well as lay men and women who share their stories of hope and healing. Topics include anger, grief, guilt, forgiveness, shame, money, the courts, the kids, the ex-spouse, annulment, dating, sexuality, spirituality, remarriage, the sacraments, and much more. Church teaching is explained and participants are guided toward recovery and healing through an enhanced relationship with Christ and His Church. Contact Donna O’Donnell at d-odonnell@sbcglobal.net or 636.288.2417 for more information.