Adult Education

The Adult Education Committee offers the opportunity for sharing, growth and Bible Study through a variety of programs focused on faith formation and development throughout the Liturgical year.  Upcoming studies will be announced in the Bulletin.

Adult Faith Formation: The Synoptic Gospels Unfold

Our St. Elizabeth Scripture Study Group will continue its unique study of the Synoptic Gosples of Mark, Matthew and Luke with our pastor, Father Bob Burkemper during Lent.

On Thursday evenings we will gather once more in the parish Church from 7:00 to 8:30 PM beginning March 2nd.

We will continue our study in that First Week of Lent with the Gospel of Saint Mark, Chapter 2.

Anyone may join this study at any time, or attend whenver schdules permit to further understanding of the power and grace offered through the Good News to believers down through the ages.

Know all are truly welcomed to this Study in the Gospel of Our Lord, Jesus Christ!