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Concession Stand Openers/Closers

Openers and closers (O/C) are responsible for managing the opening and closing of the concession stand before games begin and after games are complete. Concession stand workers are assigned to specific shifts in the concession stand, and the O/C is there to manage the opening and closing of the concession stand through the efforts of the assigned workers. A schedule is created by the O/C manager with accommodations made for personal schedules of the O/C’s. Once that schedule is released, trading dates and times with other O/C are no problem. The frequency of work is based on the number of O/C that are participating; the goal is to have 12-14 which results in one shift/ week during the baseball/ softball season, and less during the remaining seasons.

Duties include: unlocking or locking the concession stand, explaining the procedures to the workers and ensure they are carried out, making sure change is available and depositing funds at the end of each shift, ensuring the concession is cleaned by the workers before the doors are closed.

Perks include free fees for your children for the sports season you are working, no requirement to work your required volunteer duty of 4 hours, and meeting lots of people!

O/C can sign up for year-round duty or by individual sport season.

The Athletic Association is 100% volunteer and we need your help.

Board members Phone Number Email
Cameron Denison President (314) 565-9806 SetonPresident@gmail.com
Cory Grizzle Secretary (636) 675-3721 tcgrizzle@charter.net
Lori Reichert Treasurer (314) 737-7079 Lorireichert2003@yahoo.com
Vice President – Need Position Filled

Dan Rakers Basketball (314) 792-0721 dan.rakers@sbcglobal.net
Basketball Officials: Need position filled 
Jeff Ott Soccer (636) 795-0444 Jetrot4@hotmail.com 
Jeff Ott Soccer Referee (636) 795-0444 Jetrot4@hotmail.com
Chrisi Dubis Volleyball (636)-578-1080 vbseton@gmail.com 
Lori Reichert Volleyball Referee (314) 737-7079 Lorireichert2003@yahoo.com
Lauren Dieckmann Baseball/Softball (314) 602-9466 SetonBBSB@gmail.com
Kevin Haar Baseball/Softball Umpires (314) 210-9293 kevinhaar13@gmail.com 
Bob Hebenheimer Golf (636) 875-6151 rhebenheimer@gmail.com
Maureen Smakick Concession Scheduler (314) 578-8754 Setonconcessions@gmail.com
Brian and Aina Ferris Concessions (314) 598-7421 missusferris@gmail.com 
District Rep: Position Filled by Vice President
Joe Ledbetter Facilities (314) 220-4495 ledbetter757@gmail.com
Chip Nicastro Marketing (314) 276-4003 chip.nicastro@gmail.com
TBD Web Site/Arbiter/

Men’s club Board Member
Robert Grossmann (314) 604-4545 RGROSSMAN@murphy‐stl.com