Thank you for your interest in playing CYC soccer with Seton.  We are excited to have your family a part of our program!


Registration for Fall 2023 has closed. The below information is subject to change for the 2023 season. 

*** Registration will not be complete and your child will not be placed on a team until the fees or pay in full. If you are opting out of concession duty, the opt out fee of $100 dollars needs to be payed also.

Registration Information


Each coach will determine the day; and time for his or her team to practice. Practice is not allowed on Wednesday nights due to PSR. There are a few fields in the area that we have reserved for our practices. Your child’s coach will send an email out with all of this information as the season gets closer. Practices start in August.


Game schedules will be posted on the CYC Saint Charles website (below).
The game schedules are usually released by the district 1-2 weeks before the season starts.  Your coach will communicate team schedules as they become available.

SEASON OPENING: The season is set to start two weeks before labor day.  We will not play Labor Day weekend. The season lasts for about 10 weeks with each team playing a total of 10 games.


These requirements must be met prior to the season starting. Any adult listed on a team’s roster MUST complete ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Take the Prevent and Protect Class. Dates and times can be found at This only has to be taken once.
  2. Complete the background check through the Prevent and Protect Class in step 1.
  3. All Coaches for Pre-K through Kindergarten will be required to complete the Coaching to Make A Positive Difference training online.
  4. All Coaches for 5th Grade and Up must take the Play Like A Champion Training. After successful completion of this Training you will receive a Catholic Youth Council ID Card that will have your coaching ID # and other relevant information. For a list of dates/times and more information, see this link:


ID Cards are no longer required by CYC.

When registering for sports each registrant is charged $5 (similar to the CYC ID Card) and will be required to upload player information including a current photo of the player. This will take place of the CYC ID Card.


More information will be forthcoming.


Please download the app on your phone. The direct number to call is: (636)496-0331. Any parent can call the day of a game if you are unsure if a game will happen due to the weather. You must know where the game is being played and hit that extension to find out if the game is cancelled. However, each team’s coach will notify you if a game is cancelled. Seton’s Field extension is: 35


Parents are required to work one shift in our concession stand per child. If you are unable to work your assigned shift, you are responsible for finding someone to fill in for you. Head coaches are exempt from concession stand duty. Any family that does not show up for their assigned concession stand shift will have their account assessed a $100 fee.

The concession stand schedule will be organized prior to the first game of the season and will be emailed to all parents by the concession stand coordinator.  Please email Maureen for any questions regarding the concession schedule at

If you are a concession stand opener or closer you must still pay the soccer fee for your child or children and after you fulfill your job requirements your money will be refunded.