Baseball & Softball Information

About Baseball & Softball at Seton Regional Athletic Association

Here we hope to answer most of your question regarding baseball and softball played at Seton Regional Athletic Association. The Athletic Association represents our 3 parishes: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Robert, and St. Peter. However, any parish that does not have a baseball or softball program, or players that are not affiliated with a Catholic Parish, are welcome to play through Seton Regional Athletic Association.  If you have any questions regarding Baseball or Softball please contact our Baseball/Softball Coordinator at

Registration for the 2024 season is closed 

Fees will be as follows:

  • $90.00 for the 1st Player
  • $10 off for each additional Player

Registration Information


  1. For Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten teams the Athletic Association will provide a cotton tee shirt with the logo on the front and a number on the back for all players. These are yours to keep and wear throughout the year.
  2. Starting in 1st grade, all players will be required to purchase a jersey. These are yours to keep and reuse each year. They will have the logo on the front, number on the back, and player’s last name on the back.
  3. When the player needs a new jersey due to size or wear, you will be required to purchase a new jersey.  We order our jerseys through BSN during Registration. To order a jersey visit BSN Seton Baseball/Softball Store.  The only required item is the jersey, optionally you can order pants, belts, etc. The Baseball and Softball jerseys are universal and are the same for both sports.

Field Status –

Teams and Practices

Rosters (teams) are due to the CYC Districts in Mid-February. We do our best to keep teams to 13 or 14 players. We also do our best to accommodate requests such as players with requested coaches, or with requested players. This is not always possible due to team sizes. We appreciate all parents understanding this.
We are fortunate to have some great coaches that volunteer year after year. There are times when other responsibilities get in the way and they cannot coach. Without the other Parents stepping up to fill in as a coach, we cannot field the team. All teams need to have 2 coaches (and we recommend 3 for the younger teams). If this happens to your team, please consider being a coach. Head Coaches do not have to volunteer in the concession stands.
Practices are scheduled by the coaches. We offer the use of our fields on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We cannot practice on Wednesdays due to PSR meeting on Wednesdays. Games are played at our fields on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Most coaches start practicing in March to prepare for April games

Game Schedules

Games are scheduled by the CYC District Office.  The season typically begins in early April and wraps up by the end of June.  Playoffs begin in late June (softball) and run through mid-July (baseball).

Rules and Regulations

There are two parts to the rules and regulations regarding baseball and softball. There are the Baseball and Softball Rule Books which apply to all teams and all grades Pre-K through 8th grade. Then there are the Supplemental Rules which only apply to the 4th grade and younger teams in the St. Charles CYC District. These Supplemental Rules are supplemental to the overall rule book and only apply as stated. These can be found under Baseball/Softball on St. Charles CYC.

Game Locations & Fields

Seton’s Fields are located behind the Church and School at 2 Seton Court, St. Charles, MO 63303.

For directions and addresses of other parishes, please visit the St. Charles CYC.

Coaching Requirements

These requirements must be met prior to the season starting. Any adult listed on a team’s roster MUST complete ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Take the Prevent and Protect Class. Dates and times can be found at This only has to be taken once.
  2. Complete the background check through the Prevent and Protect Class in step 1.
  3. All Coaches for Pre-K through Kindergarten will be required to complete the Coaching to Make A Positive Difference training online.
  4. All Coaches for 5th Grade and Up must take the Play Like A Champion Training. After successful completion of this Training you will receive a Catholic Youth Council ID Card that will have your coaching ID # and other relevant information. For a list of dates/times and more information, see this link:

ID Card Requirements

ID Cards are no longer required (as of 2022)

Concession Stand

Parents are required to work one shift in our concession stand per child. If you are unable to work your assigned shift, you are responsible for finding someone to fill in for you. Head coaches are exempt from concession duty. Any family that does not show up for their assigned concession stand shift will have their account assessed a $100 fee. The concession stand schedule will be organized prior to the first game of the season and will be emailed to all parents by the concession stand coordinator. Please email our Concession Stand Coordinator questions regarding the concession schedule.

If you are a concession stand opener or closer you must still pay the volleyball fee for your child or children and after you fulfill your job requirements your money will be refunded.